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My 6 Personal Advice to Start Building your Career

Starting a career is much easier than building a career and preparing an expert CV. Here are 6 advice that I would like to share with you, following my personal experience.

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My first advice: If you are planning to start a new working experience or you’ve got an opportunity to work with a new or small company or a startup, go for it without hesitation and don’t think about how much the company is big. Learn about the opportunity, see what is good for you and what is not for your future, and take the necessary time to think, then jump into this adventure (whatever the result will be). You won’t lose anything. Remember, life is about the experience you live in.

My second advice: If you think that this work is not matching with your expectations, don’t give up on the first two weeks and give it another chance. You need to give any new experience its time. Keep in mind that you should learn and take maximum advantage of any experience you live in a smart way.

My third advice: Be patient and learn how to deal with your team and coworkers. Keep in mind that every person has its own character and that people are different. Take your time to understand the character of your coworkers and team members and the right way to communicate with each one of them. Because once you succeeded in knowing your coworkers you will find an effective way to “deal” with them to achieve your professional goals.

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Being an adaptable person makes you a good “team player”. My advice here is to see your “difficult” coworker(s) as a challenge for you and you will succeed in dealing and collaborating with him/her/them. By doing so, you will notice that your working conditions will be healthier.

My fourth advice: If you cannot support the working conditions (with all the effort that you’ve done on yourself to deal and to stay motivated) and you wanted to leave, so leave. However, before leaving try to communicate with your team and with your boss if things are not OK. You worth being happy and working in a healthy environment. If you are frustrated and you don’t communicate (in the appropriate way), how can your team, coworkers, and your boss knows if there is something wrong? So express your frustration in the right and professional way to find a solution.

If you stay frustrated for a long period of time, it is OK to leave because it turns dangerous for you and for your coworkers if you stay. If you are not at all motivated you will harm the team, the work environment, and yourself. Try to find another opportunity and believe in your capacities and your skills.

My fifth advice: Take from every working experience the maximum of learnings and see it as a challenge to improve from yourself and to build your expertise and your CV. To do so, you need to move forward step by step and to give every experience you live its time.

Job makes you learn techniques to build your professional experience and makes you build a personal experience through learning how to deal and communicate with others in an appropriate and professional way.

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See the job as an experience, a challenge, and a place to learn from.

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My sixth and final advice: Believing in yourself and in your capacities is a skill. Don’t tell yourself that you won’t find the job of your dreams or you can’t achieve what you want. Find the company (or NGO) that believes in you and in your values, and where you believe in your own values. Not all of the successful people are rich or well-educated or lucky. There is a lot of work behind and a lot of perseverance to succeed and to move forward. Keep in mind that everything can be improved, one of these things is your skills.



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Afef Ajengui

I am passionate about entrepreneurship, culture and art, and travel. I believe that everyone you meet has something to teach you.